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The Warrior Diet

Introduced by Ori Hofmekler, The Warriors Diet is a discipline to treat your nutrition like training. It is a combination of fasting all day and having a big meal at the end of the day.

The Warrior Diet

In this diet, you skip your breakfast, skip lunch and have 1 meal a day. Yes you heard right, 1 meal a day. I have experience with this diet and I am here to tell you it works!

This diet will help you
✓ Get lean
✓ Loose body fat
✓ Keep or gain muscle
✓ Speed up your metabolism
✓ Increase strength
✓ and have lots of energy.

Yes at first your energy will be tested but in time it will increase. You should stay on this diet for no longer then 30 days cycles, then cycle off so your metabolism will not slow down. The key is to keep your metabolism on its toes, so it’s always in fat burning mode.

I drink BCAAs with to feed my muscles throughout the day to prevent any muscle breakdown. Research shows that fasting up to 72 hrs will not cause muscle loss so I only do this as extra precaution.

People in Bible times ate a diet similar to a Warriors Diet.

Please let me know your thoughts on the warrior diet and also what kind of results you have had.

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