See what others are saying about the Walk and Talk 


“The Walk and Talks have been so encouraging to me!  It’s given me hope when I’ve been down.  In the last 6 weeks, I’ve been through a lot of changes.  It’s given me something to look forward to when I’ve been lonely.  It’s also refocused me to live for Jesus and stay in the Word.  I’ve lost 5 out of 6 family members in my immediate family – the Walk and Talk has given me new family!  I feel like I belong.  It’s given me a desire to exercise and take better care of myself.  The men are nice to look at too!!!!  Pastor Lee makes me laugh when he gets going.  I love my brothers and sisters in Christ, my family.

Robin P – Waldorf, Maryland



“I got an invitation to join the walk and talk group. I was shy at first and then I started watching them at 7pm and I started to get into it. I was lost, and the group has already helped me to get me back on track again. I have only watched a few Walk and Talks but I have been taking notes and trying my best to make changes in my life. I figured out that I do need to change and there’s things that I have to let go of. It’s been hard to find people who care about me so joining the walk and talks have changed my life already. I’m ready to continue this journey with the group especially since I know they have my back. Justin has already been a very big impact on me and I really do look at him as a mentor. He has already taught me things that I didn’t know and when I haven’t had a good day I message him and he gives me positive attitude and has kept me going. Thank you to everyone who has been nice to me and who has been there for me. 

Amy H – Magnolia, Kentucky



Awesome ministry that shines the light on issues that we all face. To the point talks that are both informative and fun. I listen every time something new is posted and re-watch the vids to revisit the useful info that I can use in my daily life. Keep it up. Love love love.

Jimmee Saylor – Cincinnati, Ohio



The walk and talk has help me to be closer to God. I try every night to spend time alone with believer’s , it helps to get through the week . Encouraged too get going. Not give up. Thank you Justin for all your hard work.

Cindy – Braedonton, Florida



Before the Walk and Talk was started I am a follower of Justin Soultatos on his 1Min video on IG. At that moment I am very curious on how he handles his situation, struggles, health conditions and even up to losing his family. As the Walk and Talk began the more I learned alot giving me hopes and encouragement to go on and never give up. Teach me how to train and discipline myself with regard to my physical health, diet and exercising. And most of all they helped draw closer to God and to His Word. There were more speakers and they are: Justin, Salty, Corey Hicks, Pastor Lee, Sonia, Darin, Bonnie and many more, encouraging us with their testimonies. I love Walk and Talk and all the team’s members as family of God globally and I considered as my second family. A family that cares, loves and praying with one another. Thank you Justin for the vision and obedience to created The Walk and Talk Together we Walk together we reach more souls.. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY.. AMEN!!!

Eleanor P. – Kowloon, Hong Kong



I love the walk and talk because of all the friends I have met…..and all the support and uplifting they give me! Thank you Justin for giving me opportunity! ! Love you….and all the encouragement all the speakers give me!

Debra Waugh – Lauderdale, Florida