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Exercise Faith in Yourself

Exercise Faith In Yourself, in this Walk and Talk, Pastor Lee Jailor shows us we can overcome depression and anger that keep us from our purpose. We can find deliverance, if we believe and have faith that with the Word of God, our faith can be the vehicle that takes us to our healing and purpose. Exercise faith in yourself with Team Walk and Talk.

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Keep Exercising In Faith

In order to accomplish his purpose, it’s going to take some time. (1:20)

Timothy 4:4 (2:50)

We have to go through the process
We don’t need faith for When we get to the Place of DESTINY
To the Place of Deliverance
To the place of Healing
To the place of Purpose

We need FAITH for when were in Motion Not and On the Way. (5:06)
I’m not Predictable
Your life is not Predictable.

Trust your PROCESS

IN DUE TIME (6:52)
You need time
Getting over
Hurt, pain, betrayal,
Getting to
That place of deliverance, healing,
Getting from
Low place

You have to BELIEVE (8:07)
You have to GUARD your heart (9:50)
Pray everywhere get Rid of Doubt and Anger
Anger will terminate your ability to get to your DESTINATION. (11:49)
Lift up your holy hands.
To get Rid of
Guard your SPIRIT (13:24)
If it’s yours – OWN it
Don’t ALLOW people to make you BITTER
IF you allow people make you BITTER instead of BETTER YOU
Will miss SPOT GOD has ahead for you.
Sin means you missed the Mark

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  1. Rochelle Howard says:

    Amen. This is so good. Outstanding message. Straight to the ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!

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