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7 Week Weight Loss Challenge | Week 6

Week Weight Loss Challenge | Week 6

Salty has asked me to put together a 7 week plan to help him get back in shape. Life is busy and sometimes we dont prioritize our health. After going through severe health issues I have learned the great ways, tips, and adjustments to help him accomplish his goal. The goal is too loose 15lbs in 7 weeks and also to do it with a slow healthy progressive approach.

Stay tuned in and if your interested ….join the journey. I have made it fun so everyone can participate.
Week Six-
Diet Adjustment-Warriors Diet one meal a day this will help to maximize fat loss.

Workout-10 additional sprints. 25-40 yard sprints twice a week

Mind Set- Feed your FAITH and STARVE your doubt.

Please check out videos about more ENCOURAGING videos on my Instagram.

If you would like too see the full weigh in please check out Saltysportsman on Youtube!

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