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15 Healthy Fats Foods You Should Be Eating

My 15 Go to Health Fats

1. MCT Oil
2. Raw Almond Butter
3. Olive Oil
4. Pasture Raised Eggs
5. Peanut Butter Organic
6. Flax Oil
7. Avocado
8. Grass Fed Beef
9. Sardines
10. Fish Oil
11. Raw Pumpkin Seeds
12. Raw Milk/Kefir
13. Olives
14. Grass Fed Butter
15. Coconut Oil

The two main types are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, essential fats our bodies need for brain function and cell growth. Omega-3s are beneficial for every aspect of heart health, and are mostly found in fish and algae, nuts, and seeds. “Other polyunsaturated fats, [omega-6s], can be found in certain plant-based oils,” Hunnes adds. “They’re not particularly harmful, but not necessarily beneficial the way omega-3s and monounsaturated fats are.” Omega-6s work alongside omega-3s to lower LDL cholesterol, but research suggests that eating more omega-6 than -3 may contribute to inflammation and weight gain, so the key is to make sure your omega-3 intake is always higher.

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